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Shipping & returns

In the interest of our valued customers, in line with the decision of the Ministry of Trade and Industry
Concerning regulating the consumer's right to exchange or return the goods
Or merchandise, our valued customers can replace or refund purchases
Within 15 days from the date of purchase provided that there is an invoice, within the following terms and conditions:

- The goods to be replaced or returned are in good condition and offerable
And that it does not have a defect that cannot be repaired or a defect that is not apparent at the time of purchase and not
It was purchased during the downloads period.

- The shop has the right to refrain from replacing or returning goods that are destroyed
Or the impossibility of returning it to the state it was in at the time of purchase or an impossibility
Resale to others.

- When purchasing through the site, the customer has the right to switch and retrieve within 15 days
With the invoice and the goods to be replaced or returned are in good condition
With the package (2 dinars will be charged to the delivery company upon exchange and retrieval)